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Commercials that just piss you off. [entries|friends|calendar]
commercials that piss you off

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[20 May 2009|11:28am]

 Hi, community! I actually just sought you out because I saw one really atrocious commercial a minute ago and had to find out if there was somewhere I could cent about it, being the complainer that I am. :)

The new Dannon Light & Fit commercial makes me want to gently massage my eyes with a cheese grater -- and find another creative way to go deaf. It has that girl slurping and sucking yogurt out of a container in the grocery store and then making this ridiculously stupid face at the end. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's just painful. 

Also not a fan of freecreditreport.com, any of them.

Can't wait to gripe about the trash that interrupts the flow of sweet, wonderful television with all of you!
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Here are some commercials I dislike. [28 Jan 2006|02:14pm]

It looks like I finally joined here. Most I do like, some I don't. Here's some of them, if I can only remember one...

1. Cartoon Network. (As usual. *shudders*)
2. Butterfinger with that guy being 'dumped'. (Literally. Only with popcorn.)
3. Skechers! They're delicious! (Yeah. Right. I did a joke about it by drawing the idea on paper. With Sonic & Tails.)

That's all I can remember right now. =/
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Burger King [25 Oct 2005|12:11pm]
The commercial that Pisses me off, and I think it is gone now, is the Chicken Sqaud commercial. First off Chicken Fries are a disgusting idea and assumed to taste just as bad. What makes the commercial worse is how are black super heros supposed to promote the product. I'm surprised no one boycotted or had any form of protest. The commercial was bad as was the product, plain and simple.

Hello+ Rant=First Post! [16 Apr 2005|11:09pm]

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This community is such a good idea! Im glad to see your trying to get it off the ground, so I had to join. I just have to say...worst commercials ever are the "Wake up with the King" Commercials for Burger King. Ya know- the ones with the guy with the big head. They just kinda freak me out. When hes outside in the lawn, and then it flashes to the inside of the house and then back out- and hes standing right in the doorway? I feel like he should be holding a butchers knife instead of a grease blob. Its worse then most horror movies.

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[18 Aug 2004|09:36pm]

this community is a great idea!

the current commercials that are most working my nerves are:

1. "my man takes levitra" -- i can't stand how it starts with the woman saying, "can i tell you a secret?" and then she goes on to explain everything with such hesitation, it's as if she can't find the words. it sounds like some invisible person is asking her questions about levitra, but NO ONE IS. how annoying!

2. "mcdonald's baby shower" -- possibly because i'm planning a baby shower right now. it shows these women all dressed up, at a baby shower (fifth in a row!) because they feel "obligated to go", and whining about watching someone open presents and luncheon food. and then they go to mcdonald's to eat. these women are crazy. i don't like how they can't sit through someone opening gifts, and how they have already been to four baby showers recently and haven't figured out that you usually don't eat whole meals at them. eat beforehand, ladies, and give better gifts so you'll be excited to watch the lady open them. and don't eat at mcdonald's.

hmm...? [15 Aug 2004|02:41am]

i am wondering if this is a deserted community or if it was just made. but i have a lot of commericals that piss me off. i will not be posting entries unless someone makes it clear that this community actually works.
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